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W H A T 'S   N E W !   E X P L O R E   I N   S I M P L E   A N D   M A T C H   N O W !

About Summit

In Summit, we believe in Passion. It was his passion of serving the customer with the better products and services that made our Chairman, senior Mr. Ng, to open the very first SUMMIT 30 years ago. The senior Mr. Ng wanted to build a shop where families can find what they need about shoes in a single place; he started the business in 1987 in Holiday Plaza. Business was fast and demand for premier products were increasing, thus, senior Mr. Ng decided to start designing and making his own shoes, and labeled them with the same name that he is proud of SUMMIT.It was the same passion that drives our Managing Director, Mr. Ng, to constantly look up for ways to improve the company, our products and services, and eventually position SUMMIT as a brand that would be on par with international labels. Mr. Ng decided to focus on ladies' footwear, targeting on modern working women who has high need of fashionable, comfortable footwear both in working and social life. He injected new image to the company, setting our vision, mission, goal and target for each and every staff of the company. He brought in new suppliers to increase the variety of our collections, setting up new division to improve the design and comfortanleness of the products.Summit is fervently keeping up with changing times and fast moving fashion. We are bent on continously innovating and aligning our products with modern working women. Our shoes represent the intellectual, independent and elegant contemporary group. We understand that with the increase in living standards, there is an uncompromised demand for higher quality products. In View of this, Summit is dedicated in making sure that both style and quality is tailored to match the expectations of its target market. Hence, we believe that Summit can consistently flourish, adhering to what it does best.